12440807_1067048370029549_5967915347573130228_oNow And Not Yet, is a not for profit Cafe. We care passionately about community, food and coffee. We are a quirky, loveable team who are in awe of our remarkable volunteers who ‘rock our world’.

Our volunteers are our heroes. They work alongside our waiters, chefs and baristas and ‘they’ are what keep this project alive and jumping. You might meet one welcoming you to your table, arranging a piece of art, killing it in the kitchen or serving you your own special plate of goodness.

They are the heart and soul of what we are all about at NNY. Because really, we are all about people. We believe in the power of community, in doing life together, in collective wisdom, in new ideas, in collaboration and if we need motivation, we borrow some from each other.

If you want to experience what it is to be a volunteer, come check it out. You’re gonna love it.

Lisa Hunt-Wotton